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Secret Android app to Find PUBG Game Maps / Treasures

PUBG is a world wide famous game developed and published by Bluehole. Player's Unknown Battle Ground is shortly known as PUBG which is a competitive survival shooter game. Players from all over the world can participate with you at the same time.
You can choose the mode of the game with which you want to play. Solo, Duo, Squad and zombies are some of the available modes. we have to choose any one among them. 

Main and most important feature of this PUBG is Battleye Integration and there are 3 maps available now in this app and they are Errangel,Miramar, and Sanhok.Weapon and character customization can be designed by yourself.
You can killcam for solo game mode and this option will not be available in Duo and Squad.Different types of weapons are available and you have to be very careful in choosing the weapon. You can extend your support to the Downed team mates and help them to get back their energy.

Game replay option is possible. That is, you can replay the ame in 2D or 3D to see how you have died and where you have got lost in your battle and this helps you to gain success in your next shooting.
Wide range of powerful weapons such as Assault Rifles, Submachine guns, Sniper Rifles, Meele weapons, Pistols etc are also available. Concepts such as bullet travel, destruction, bullet drop and attachments will affect the outcome of the gun.

It provides color blind support and it supports the players to join the disconnected matches and it has an option for the users to eject from the plane whenever they want.

Getting Started with Guide of PUBG:
The overall battle ground takes place in three variety of places., that is maps they are Errangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Errangel simply refers to the battle takes place in an 8X8 km map with only four players. These kind of battles will gives you a royale experience.

Simply the name itself means that it is not a game and it just acts as a guide for the users to play PUBG. It provides information such as PUBG maps, weapons used for battle, News, Some tips for winning the shooting game through which you can easily defeat your competitor.
Killing other players in this game will cut off your competitor and will increase your efficiency. Information about maps will help you to choose your battle ground whereas you can also share that map with your friends.

It also gives you a clear picture about the distance calculation and the route drawing which will be very helpful for you in this shooting survival. This specifies you about the areas where the vehicles will appear and hence you may play a safe role during your play time.

By using damage calculator you will be able to find the types and effects of damage caused by your shooting. It will guide you by giving a detailed report about weapons and items used during the battle.

Community post board will helps you to know about the PUBG patches and free post board, image post board, video post board etc.,By advertising your clan in this Community post board you can easily find whether the players are in duo or squad mode.
By using these guidelines you can easily play PUBG and have fun!!