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Complain in-activities on Election Commission app

Election commission of India takes a new notion to find, control, and reduce illegal activities taken place during elections. To prevent our nation, Election Commission of India launches a new user-friendly android app named cVIGIL (Vigilant Citizen), which can be used to report against offense takes place in the society. Prevention is a responsibility of each and every citizen so that it provides a legal right to take photos or two minutes videos against MCC (Mode Code of Conduct) to take immediate action.

This app has live photos/videos taken with auto location tracking by using GPS facility to provide digital evidence to the field unit for taking actions on time. Common people can easily download this app from their android smart phones by play store. They can report about political misconducts, bribes given by various political parties to the voters and so on. From the spot itself the citizen can register the report without going to the office. Anonymously, complaint has been taken; they never take any personal information of the commoners. 

Steps to report through Election Commission app:
If citizen find any misconducts takes place, simply he/she has take that incident a photo or two minutes video and the app automatically track the location by using GIS (Geographical Information System) where the photo/video has taken. After that, citizen may provide a short note on the incident and then uploading the complaint the citizen will receive a unique ID to find the status of the complaints. 
The complaint sent to the certain District Control Room by the signal and from there the field unit collects the information and start moving to the spot by using the mobile app cVigil invigilator. A field unit has flying squads, static surveillance team, reverse team and so on. Every field unit has this app with them to track the spot and report.  After reaction the destination, the unit investigates the complaint and reports it to the returning officer through online for final decision. There if they found it is correct, the complaint is taken to the National Grievance Portal of the Election commission of India for further action. Within 100 minutes, the status will be updated to the Vigilant Citizen through cVIGIL. .
To control misuse of this app, it does not allow any previously taken photos/videos to upload. A complaint should update within 5 minutes time duration. Live photos and videos only allowed for complaining. There is no limit to complaint. Every complaint from a citizen should be accepted and each complains can receive unique ID. This app is only used for lodging MCC offense cases. 

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This is the perfect and fastest way to track and find the culprits before escaping from the offense. Election commission hopes that this app will provide easy channel to the citizens to enroll the complaint fair and freely. It can keep the complaint more confidential and if they found the complaint correct they can register it a FIR and marked it as a punishable offense. 

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Citizens are encouraged to use this app boldly to report their surrounding complaints directly to the Election Commission and they also provide their direct website to report the complaints or make a call to the National Contact Centre at 1800111950 or State Contact Centre at 1950.