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Woman Safety Android Application for Tamilians

This is an application developed explicitly for protecting the public from various dreadful situations by the Tamilnadu State Government Police. Citizens of Tamilnadu should be aware of this  application in-order to save themselves from emergency situations like eve teasing, kidnapping, physical emergencies.

This app is available for both Android and IOS devices and since it is an open source it can be easily downloaded and installed easily. Once it is installed, you should signup with this app and hence your personal details are visible for the Police department which helps them to reach you during disastrous time.

Kavalan SOS is especially developed for females and children because they are the one who are getting threatened by variety of people in this society. With the help of this new innovative idea they can reach the needy in time and help them to get rid of their difficult situation. This Police force is also helping the citizens of Tamilnadu in natural disaster situations like floods, earth quakes etc.A team of our Tamilnadu state police are working under this scheme in a separate Tamilnadu State Police master control room.   

Getting Started with Woman Safety application:
# First step of this app is you have to signup or create a new profile by entering your personal details like your personal mobile number, home address, and alternate mobile number for registration purpose.
# The users should provide their email address, date of birth, gender, city which are mentionaed as mandatory details.

# You must specify contact details of atleast two persons (either they may be close friends or relatives) living in the same city.
# Finally, you will receive an activation code in your registered mobile number which helps you to complete your signup process.
# Now you are successfully registered with this application and Kavalan SOS home page will be displayed with your details and an SOS button which acts as an alarm that is, By just a single tap on SOS button will alert the entire police team about your current situation.

How it works:
* If you are in an emergency situation, First relax and please don't get painc. Because now you are having the entire team of Police at your mobile app itself. 
* Open Kavalan app and just press SOS button which automatically registers a complaint and within a minute the team will contact you.
* By pressing the SOS button your current location with a clear map will be automatically sent to the pre-registered emergency contacts as a notification message.
* Hence it is easy for them to identify that you are in an emergency situation.

* Moreover, With the help of this application, The Police force will reach you in time and save you from any kind of threatening problem.

  A great salute to our Tamil Nadu State Police department for taking a really good initiative for protecting public especially children and women. Hence Guys, Please make use of this application and let us join our hands with our State Police to oppose threatening activities that are happening around us.