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How to apply SBI Credit Card Online?

Our Government of India has launched the Digital India Programme to increase our country's economy and here Cashless is one of the most important concept to make our country to be fully digitized.

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Well...we all know about cashless transactions!! Instead of paying cash we have to pay the bill using credit/debit card. Hence each and every transactions will be gone through public and private sector banks which are clearly monitored by our Government and this helps in eradicating black money.

Nowadays Credit cards are given to the customers by various public and private sector banks but among them SBI (State Bank of India) is the best one to introduce new benefits of using their card.
SBI launches "Simply Save SBI Credit Card" exclusively for the customers who are having a bank account with them. It provides their credit card customers with exclusive perks, serious discounts bonus reward points etc.,

Procedure for Applying Simply Save Credit Card:
* You can easily apply for such credit cards by visiting their official website.
* Age limit for the card holder should be 21 to 60 years.
* They should have a minimum salary Rs.18,000/- per month.
* Important documents like Valid ID, Proof of income, PAN card, and a passport size photo.
* Upload these necessary documents in their official website under the Apply online tab.
* Click on the Submit button so that your application will be sent to the bank.
* SBI will take up to 21 days for processing your application by verifying your uploaded documents, and eligibility conditions.
* Finally, they will set credit limit for you based on your salary slip and supporting documents that you are submitted to the bank.
* Application status can be viewed by the customers on visiting their official website.

Key Features:
# Card holders can get a cash back of Rs.100 on his/her 1st withdrawal using the ATM within 30 days of your card received.
# Customer have to pay Rs. 100 for getting the credit card from the bank.

# Add on cards are available under this scheme and they are charge free. This also acts as a supplement cards useful for your parents, children who are all above 18 years of age.
# One time payment of Rs. 499 should be made by the customer as Annual fee.

# This card can be renewed yearly once by paying Rs. 499.
# Annual fee can be made reversable by the users of the card by purchasing above more than Rs.1,00,000 within a year.
#  You can get reward points on every purchase. If you spend money on Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores and Groceries for every 100 rupees you will earn 10 reward points and on all other purchases you will get 1 reward point.

# When these reward points gets accumulated you can either convert these points into cash that is 4 reward points= Rs. 1 and then use it for paying your outstanding bills or you can choose gifts among the wide array of gifts that are offered by their website.
# These Visa or Master cards are accepted across the globe and hence it can be used nationally or internationally for any kind of purchases or paying bills. It is accepted across 24 million around the world.

# You can withdraw cash among 1 million ATMs across the globe and this makes you easy to get instant cash.
# Card holders have an option of Balance Transfer on EMI. In simple words, if you have to make card payments for other banks then you can transfer amount to them by using your SBI credit card and convert that amount into an EMI option at a lower rate of Interest.

# You can make utility payments like EB Bill, DTH recharge, Mobile Top up and so on.
# Utility bills can be paid either by registering your bills or you can make fast pay option without even registering.
# If once you have registered your bills then it automatically pays the amount every month by certain time limit mentioned by the user.
# Flexi pay is an excellent option which makes our big transactions to much more easier. If we buy a mobile for Rs. 50,000 and we are not able to pay it at a stretch then we can use this SBI Imply Save Credit Card to convert the entire amount in the form of EMI (Early Monthly Installment) and the tennure may be of 4 months/ 6 months/ 9 months according to our ability.

# Card holders have the cash limit based on it they can get in terms of cash/ cheque/ draft at your door step.
# Finance charges are applied for the credit cards upto 2.50% per month.
# Customers have to pay Rs. 100 for upto Rs. 10,000.
# If any payment dishonor occurs then 2% of the payment amount, subjected to a minimum of Rs.450.

# Late Payment will be charged based on the outstanding due of the customer. If there is no previous pending due then the late payment fee will be NIL. Generally late payment fee will range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 950.
# Overlimit will have a charge of 2.50% and in case of card replacement the card holder have to pay Rs. 100.
# If you have purchased fuel and fuel related products above Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000 then there will be 1% fuel surcharge waiver for our customers.