Wanna Edit Your Photo Like Cartoons? Here You Go

Would you like to edit your photos often? Then here is an application which will definitely gives you a different look through your camera lens. "Cartoon Photo editor" helps you to change your photos into real cartoon photos and it is the coolest way of editing.
As far as we may use various photo editing software and we have got bored in applying the same kind of filters and collaging but Now it's time to switch on to the upcoming trend that is changing your snaps to real images by using your ordinary snaps itself.
Editing your photos is a way to relax yourselves by seeing you in a different style with amazing filter effects and it is fun too!! You can edit some of your photos from gallery and share that with your friends and family and enjoy the fun..

  This application is an open source and you can download and install it to your Android devices from Google Play store. Once you have installed it, it automatically displays an icon at your home screen.
If you want to edit your photos then you can make that easily by simply a single click on it. Cool Photo Editor app opens and it opts you to choose between two options.. Whether you are going to edit a snap from gallery or you have to take a picture through camera by using your front and rear lenses.

A Glimpse of Cartoon Photo Editor:
Now the user have to select their photo for editing and the editing screen opens with a huge number of amazing filter effects. This application already has a built in filter and hence it automatically changes your photo into cartoon style.

Moreover there are several filter effects available for the users and they can apply it on their photos by just clicking on it and you can see the changes immediately. Editors can choose among many impressive effects.
By using this application you can apply real time effects on your photos with your mobile front and back camera itself. Zooming option is available during editing process and it helps to edit your snaps clearly. You can zoom your photos by simply pinching on it.
Amazing effects like cartoon, sketch, pencil, oil painting, thermal vision, cross hatch and so on..are included in this application and You can choose among these impressive effects for editing your photos. Auto Focus option is available for you to help in your editing process and this can be made possible by just a simple click on any where on the photo for a clear focusing.

Get the Cartoon Photo Editor app here

Tap save option in the Cartoon Photo Editor and it automatically saves your edited photo into your gallery. Hence it is easy for you to view your differently styled photos through your gallery itself. Sharing the edited pictures with your family and friends via social network like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram is also possible here.
Come on guys... By using this amazing application Let's make a real artistic changes to our snaps...share it through social media... and enjoy the unlimited fun!!!

Woman Safety Android Application - Kavalan app

This is an application developed explicitly for protecting the public from various dreadful situations by the Tamilnadu State Government Police. Citizens of Tamilnadu should be aware of this  application in-order to save themselves from emergency situations like eve teasing, kidnapping, physical emergencies.

This app is available for both Android and IOS devices and since it is an open source it can be easily downloaded and installed easily. Once it is installed, you should signup with this app and hence your personal details are visible for the Police department which helps them to reach you during disastrous time.

Kavalan SOS is especially developed for females and children because they are the one who are getting threatened by variety of people in this society. With the help of this new innovative idea they can reach the needy in time and help them to get rid of their difficult situation. This Police force is also helping the citizens of Tamilnadu in natural disaster situations like floods, earth quakes etc.A team of our Tamilnadu state police are working under this scheme in a separate Tamilnadu State Police master control room.   

Getting Started with Woman Safety application:
# First step of this app is you have to signup or create a new profile by entering your personal details like your personal mobile number, home address, and alternate mobile number for registration purpose.
# The users should provide their email address, date of birth, gender, city which are mentionaed as mandatory details.

# You must specify contact details of atleast two persons (either they may be close friends or relatives) living in the same city.
# Finally, you will receive an activation code in your registered mobile number which helps you to complete your signup process.
# Now you are successfully registered with this application and Kavalan SOS home page will be displayed with your details and an SOS button which acts as an alarm that is, By just a single tap on SOS button will alert the entire police team about your current situation.

How it works:
* If you are in an emergency situation, First relax and please don't get painc. Because now you are having the entire team of Police at your mobile app itself. 
* Open Kavalan app and just press SOS button which automatically registers a complaint and within a minute the team will contact you.
* By pressing the SOS button your current location with a clear map will be automatically sent to the pre-registered emergency contacts as a notification message.
* Hence it is easy for them to identify that you are in an emergency situation.

* Moreover, With the help of this application, The Police force will reach you in time and save you from any kind of threatening problem.

  A great salute to our Tamil Nadu State Police department for taking a really good initiative for protecting public especially children and women. Hence Guys, Please make use of this application and let us join our hands with our State Police to oppose threatening activities that are happening around us. 
Easy Way To Find Your Stolen Mobile Phones

Easy Way To Find Your Stolen Mobile Phones

Are you afraid of buying second hand mobile? Now by using this mobile application it becomes easier to find whether your new or second hand mobile is a theft or genuine product. This is an excellent mobile application launched by Actor Vijay Sethupathi at the city police department commissioner’s office.

This application can be downloaded and installed in any Android devices by any one from the play store. This app is auto installed in such kind of second hand mobile phones for clear verification of your product.

Main Home page of this DIGICOP displays eight different options which are useful for the users of this application.

Verify IMEI:
 Tamilnadu police has uploaded more than 18000 stolen mobile phones are stored in this application. You can enter your IMEI number to check with that database and find out whether your mobile is theft or genuine product.
If the entered IMEI number is available in the blacklist database then it automatically prompts a message to the user that “This is a stolen device” in their second hand mobile phone. In such cases the users are requested to inform the nearby police station immediately.

Report Loss:
Users of this app can also launch complaints regarding the theft of their mobile phones by mentioning a clear detail under the report loss category. Users have to enter some important information like Complaint name, IMEI Number, Mobile Number, Mobile Brand, Mobile Model which is an optional field, Mobile lost date , place and address. Then click on Report Loss button to submit your complaint.

You can register with this application by just entering your mobile number and when ever you want to login you can login with this registered mobile number itself.
DIGICOP includes the detail of recovered Mobiles and two wheeler uploaded by the Tamilnadu Government police.

Application users can search in this recovered database for their lost mobile phones and lost two wheeler. Now by using this app it becomes easier for the citizens to recover their lost products without even visiting the police station.
With the help of this app you can know your nearest police station without any confusion.

Read: Woman Safety Android app by Tamilnadu Police

More over public will get a regular update about the TN police department news through this application.
Traffic Alerts are clearly mentioned in this site which acts as a guide for the TN state people. This also helps to gain knowledge about the traffic update in our locality and it empowers the public to follow the basic traffic rules and regulations. 

This application can be shared with your family and friends via social media network and hence you can spread awareness of using this app.

Get the Digicop app to find your phone

Users can give their desired ratings to this application at it’s official page for the public review.
Contact us option can be used to ask any kind of queries to the state police and they are answered within a short span of time.

Get the app here to Find Your Stolen Mobile Phone

About Us category displays a detailed information about our Tamilnadu Government State police department for the public view. 
Check it one more time with the help of this app before buying any mobile phones for the second hand rate and protect yourselves from using the theft products.
Complain Doubtful activities on Election Commission app

Complain Doubtful activities on Election Commission app

Election commission of India takes a new notion to find, control, and reduce illegal activities taken place during elections. To prevent our nation, Election Commission of India launches a new user-friendly android app named cVIGIL (Vigilant Citizen), which can be used to report against offense takes place in the society. Prevention is a responsibility of each and every citizen so that it provides a legal right to take photos or two minutes videos against MCC (Mode Code of Conduct) to take immediate action.

This app has live photos/videos taken with auto location tracking by using GPS facility to provide digital evidence to the field unit for taking actions on time. Common people can easily download this app from their android smart phones by play store. They can report about political misconducts, bribes given by various political parties to the voters and so on. From the spot itself the citizen can register the report without going to the office. Anonymously, complaint has been taken; they never take any personal information of the commoners. 

Steps to report through Election Commission app:
If citizen find any misconducts takes place, simply he/she has take that incident a photo or two minutes video and the app automatically track the location by using GIS (Geographical Information System) where the photo/video has taken. After that, citizen may provide a short note on the incident and then uploading the complaint the citizen will receive a unique ID to find the status of the complaints. 

The complaint sent to the certain District Control Room by the signal and from there the field unit collects the information and start moving to the spot by using the mobile app cVigil invigilator. A field unit has flying squads, static surveillance team, reverse team and so on. Every field unit has this app with them to track the spot and report.  After reaction the destination, the unit investigates the complaint and reports it to the returning officer through online for final decision. There if they found it is correct, the complaint is taken to the National Grievance Portal of the Election commission of India for further action. Within 100 minutes, the status will be updated to the Vigilant Citizen through cVIGIL. .
To control misuse of this app, it does not allow any previously taken photos/videos to upload. A complaint should update within 5 minutes time duration. Live photos and videos only allowed for complaining. There is no limit to complaint. Every complaint from a citizen should be accepted and each complains can receive unique ID. This app is only used for lodging MCC offense cases. 

Get the Election Commission Complaint app

This is the perfect and fastest way to track and find the culprits before escaping from the offense. Election commission hopes that this app will provide easy channel to the citizens to enroll the complaint fair and freely. It can keep the complaint more confidential and if they found the complaint correct they can register it a FIR and marked it as a punishable offense. 

Get the Voter ID app

Citizens are encouraged to use this app boldly to report their surrounding complaints directly to the Election Commission and they also provide their direct website to report the complaints or make a call to the National Contact Centre at 1800111950 or State Contact Centre at 1950. 

How to apply SBI Credit Card Online?

How to apply SBI Credit Card Online?

Our Government of India has launched the Digital India Programme to increase our country's economy and here Cashless is one of the most important concept to make our country to be fully digitized.

Image result for sbi credit card online

Well...we all know about cashless transactions!! Instead of paying cash we have to pay the bill using credit/debit card. Hence each and every transactions will be gone through public and private sector banks which are clearly monitored by our Government and this helps in eradicating black money.

Nowadays Credit cards are given to the customers by various public and private sector banks but among them SBI (State Bank of India) is the best one to introduce new benefits of using their card.
SBI launches "Simply Save SBI Credit Card" exclusively for the customers who are having a bank account with them. It provides their credit card customers with exclusive perks, serious discounts bonus reward points etc.,

Procedure for Applying Simply Save Credit Card:
* You can easily apply for such credit cards by visiting their official website.
* Age limit for the card holder should be 21 to 60 years.
* They should have a minimum salary Rs.18,000/- per month.
* Important documents like Valid ID, Proof of income, PAN card, and a passport size photo.
* Upload these necessary documents in their official website under the Apply online tab.
* Click on the Submit button so that your application will be sent to the bank.
* SBI will take up to 21 days for processing your application by verifying your uploaded documents, and eligibility conditions.
* Finally, they will set credit limit for you based on your salary slip and supporting documents that you are submitted to the bank.
* Application status can be viewed by the customers on visiting their official website.

Key Features:
# Card holders can get a cash back of Rs.100 on his/her 1st withdrawal using the ATM within 30 days of your card received.
# Customer have to pay Rs. 100 for getting the credit card from the bank.

# Add on cards are available under this scheme and they are charge free. This also acts as a supplement cards useful for your parents, children who are all above 18 years of age.
# One time payment of Rs. 499 should be made by the customer as Annual fee.

# This card can be renewed yearly once by paying Rs. 499.
# Annual fee can be made reversable by the users of the card by purchasing above more than Rs.1,00,000 within a year.
#  You can get reward points on every purchase. If you spend money on Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores and Groceries for every 100 rupees you will earn 10 reward points and on all other purchases you will get 1 reward point.

# When these reward points gets accumulated you can either convert these points into cash that is 4 reward points= Rs. 1 and then use it for paying your outstanding bills or you can choose gifts among the wide array of gifts that are offered by their website.
# These Visa or Master cards are accepted across the globe and hence it can be used nationally or internationally for any kind of purchases or paying bills. It is accepted across 24 million around the world.

# You can withdraw cash among 1 million ATMs across the globe and this makes you easy to get instant cash.
# Card holders have an option of Balance Transfer on EMI. In simple words, if you have to make card payments for other banks then you can transfer amount to them by using your SBI credit card and convert that amount into an EMI option at a lower rate of Interest.

# You can make utility payments like EB Bill, DTH recharge, Mobile Top up and so on.
# Utility bills can be paid either by registering your bills or you can make fast pay option without even registering.
# If once you have registered your bills then it automatically pays the amount every month by certain time limit mentioned by the user.
# Flexi pay is an excellent option which makes our big transactions to much more easier. If we buy a mobile for Rs. 50,000 and we are not able to pay it at a stretch then we can use this SBI Imply Save Credit Card to convert the entire amount in the form of EMI (Early Monthly Installment) and the tennure may be of 4 months/ 6 months/ 9 months according to our ability.

# Card holders have the cash limit based on it they can get in terms of cash/ cheque/ draft at your door step.
# Finance charges are applied for the credit cards upto 2.50% per month.
# Customers have to pay Rs. 100 for upto Rs. 10,000.
# If any payment dishonor occurs then 2% of the payment amount, subjected to a minimum of Rs.450.

# Late Payment will be charged based on the outstanding due of the customer. If there is no previous pending due then the late payment fee will be NIL. Generally late payment fee will range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 950.
# Overlimit will have a charge of 2.50% and in case of card replacement the card holder have to pay Rs. 100.
# If you have purchased fuel and fuel related products above Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000 then there will be 1% fuel surcharge waiver for our customers.
Check Your Voter ID on Indian Election Commission app

Check Your Voter ID on Indian Election Commission app

Tamilnadu Public Elections are entirely controlled by Chief Electoral officer, Tamilnadu. It is an official site with a clear cut details about elections, bye-elections, nominations, list of polling centers and so on.

A list of updated Recent posters and press releases regarding elections are highlighted at the home page itself.Important Contact details like nearest secretariat along with the map location, mail Id, Fax, Toll free number,contact numbers of EROS(Electoral Registration Officers) and Assistant EROS.
It provides a variety of services for the citizens of India. Among them some of them are listed below for your reference.
# Bye Elections:
It includes a complete detail about the recent Bye Election in Tamilnadu that is, where it is to be conducted and nomination list and so on. Candidate Expenditure List involves the name of the candidates and their party with their entire details.
You can able to see the date-wise nominations, contesting candidates and rejected list of candidates. You can search list of candidates under selected district and date.Affidavits filed by the candidates, list of electors identified as multiple entries are listed here.

Single window clearance system helps the public to get clear guidance and makes them to access its utilities in a easy way. Registering people with Disability under a separate category and it also includes more options like Wheel chair booking, Cash Transaction Report, Liquor Monitoring System, Vehicle Management System, and so on. You can easily get the queue at your polling station in-order to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

# Electoral Services - - Features of Voter ID app:
People can search their voter identity under "Search voter list" and can also opt for a new online registration. Replacement EPIC displays a lists of CSCs where replacement EPIC can be obtained. You can download Form 6, Form 6A, Form 7, Form 8 and so on in this official site. Application Tracking option helps the users to find their application status level with the help of Application ID.Finding your destined polling station and you can track Queue at your polling booth.
# Elections 
Under this category Complaints, Nominations, Single window clearance system, Final Electoral Rolls, Search Electoral Rolls, Loksabha Election, Bye Election details and so on.

Booth level Agents,Booth level officers, Electoral summary revision,old general Elections, information about Ballot are clearly explained here.Candidate details and your Ac details are retrieved under this section.Searching of Electoral roll Ac wise in PDF format in Tamil language is made easy here.

# Political Parties:
Candidates Expenditure list with a clear detail of election expense amount is displayed for the public view. MP's and MLA's from Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly list for the past four elections are listed to the citizen's reference. Reports and Account Statements of Unrecognized political parties are also included under this category.
# Reports and Publications:
Reports and notifications regarding Elections, Election Symbols, Right to Information, Narrative report on general elections, Information about Registered Political parties are retirved in this sector.

It incorporates a clear report on SVEEP(Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation), List of disqualified persons, Overseas Electoral list, Appointment of EROs and AEROs in Chennai Corporation.

SVEEP(Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation) is a programme which educates the citizens,electors and voters about the importance of participating in the electoral process. 
# Moreover there will be a day to day update which gives an easy reference for the public.

Ente Ration Card app by Kerala Government

Ente Ration Card is a very useful Android application developed by NIC e-Gov Mobile Apps and it is a good initiative taken by the Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala. It's main focus is to improve the people's lifestyle in Kerala.

In our Country, people are living several kinds of lifestyle that is some of them are poor and some of them are very rich and they are not leading healthy and happy life under any circumstances. So in-order to avoid such dreadful situation The Civil Supplies Department of Kerala has decided to launch this application.

This application has more than 10000+ downloads and it can be easily installed from the Google Play store. Since the size of the app is very small it can be used in any kind of Android mobile. Most important Concept of launching this application is to provide basic needs for the people to survive.
Food, Clothing and Shelter are the three basic necessity things for every one to lead a normal life style. Hence Civil Supplies Department, The Government of Kerala has taken a big step to provide these necessary things to each and every person of their state.

Ente Ration Card application helps the people of Kerala to retrieve all the required information based on their ration card easily. This app provides several benefits to all kinds of people available in their state.

Getting Started with Ente Ration Card:
* This application is available as open source in Google Play store only for Android users and later it will be upgraded for ios users too.
* Size of this app is too small and hence it can be downloaded and installed easily.
* Users of this application are first welcomed by the home page and then they have to register by entering their required ration card details with this application.
* Once they have registered, then the users can access all the benefits provided by the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala. 

Benefits of Kerala Ente Ration Card app:
* Every user registered with this application can view their complete details of their Ration card.
* It provides the users with a brief description and other relevant details regarding their ration card.
* Now it's time to retrieve full Ration card information like card type, monthly allocation and application status.
* Ente Ration Card app provides all required information to the General public.  
* If the users of this application demands any information then it can be retrieved from this site based on secured access.
* You can get the details of all members included in the ration card.
* Based on the Ration card number and type the family members included in this ration card can be retrieved from it when needed.
* By using this, You can also check your application status in this app.

Get the Ente Ration Card app here 

* Monthly allocation of items based on the type of your ration card are clearly displayed for your reference and hence you can get the allotted quantity of food items.
* Public will be provided with the availability of the desired stock in the ration shops and therefore it provides easy way for public distribution.
Let's join our hands to improve your lifestyle!!!